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INFRACHIP grants you access at no cost to state-of-the-art infrastructures and technologies at 10 locations. You can check our offer in the showroom

Please find below a short enquiry form. This is your first step.

It will be used for a first contact: you tell us what you would need or work on, and our team will get back to you to start a formal access application or give you advice.

We do our best to make it simple, fast and efficient!

If you are not sure what technology exactly you need for your project or if you are eligible to apply, you can always contact the Interface Team directly, we can provide guidance on our facilities and access modalities. 😉

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We (strongly) recommend you to take a quick look at the FAQ & User guide page, which explains how everything works and gives answers to the most common questions.

Hereunder, you will find the very basic of what you need to know before applying.

PhD students, post-doctoral students, academics, researchers, SMEs are encouraged to apply.
If you are working on a research project, need to produce or try a prototype, access a specific tool, perform a specific task: then you should apply to INFRACHIP.

Through a strong partnership with 11 “access providers’’, key actors of the semiconductor research field and thanks to EU funds, INFRACHIP can welcome you at no costs in-person or virtually (sending samples, obtaining datas..) at one of the facilities.
Depending on the task and on your own competences, the work will be carried out either by yourself or local experts. Your stay can be extended to several weeks if needed.

The Transnational Access rule is quite specific to European projects. It implies that applicants are not allowed to get access through INFRACHIP to a facility located in the same country they are based in.

For example: if you are a PhD student in Ireland, you are not eligible for an INFRACHIP access to Tyndall.

! INL (Portugal) does not follow the TA rule, as it is considered an international institution and belongs also to Spain. Portugal and Spain-based applicants can obtain INFRACHIP access to INL.


If you are a SME interested in INFRACHIP, we would also like to know more about your expectations and needs, please fill this survey 

INFRACHIP Enquiry Form

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