User guide

Navigating through the INFRACHIP offerings may be a bit confusing, but on this page we hope to provide enough information to help you out.

Free Access To State-Of-The-Art Technology: Who, How

INFRACHIP grants you access at no cost, through EU funds, to a wide range of state-of-the-art technologies and infrastructures which can help you in your research or prototyping. You can find out more about what we offer in the “technologies” tab of the website.
To apply, you must fill an “enquiry form”, specifying your needs or describing your project. Applications are reviewed on a regular basis.
In exchange for granting access, we encourage you to provide results such as publications in Open Access journals, and acknowledge INFRACHIP in these works.

PhD students, post-doctoral students, academics researchers, SME are encouraged to apply.
If you are working on a project, and need to try a prototype or to access a specific tool, perform a specific task, then you should apply to INFRACHIP.

Through a strong partnership with 11 “access providers’’, key actors of the semiconductor research field and thanks to EU funds, INFRACHIP can welcome you physically or virtually at one of the facilities.
Depending on the task and your own competence, the work will be performed either by yourself or local experts.

You will find more detailed information as well as concrete examples of the access process to the available technologies in the User guide (Coming Soon).


Submit a technical enquiry: describe your need for your project & discuss it with relevant experts.


You decide, together with the contact team, of the details of your access: remote (sending sample)? Physical visit? How long…


INFRACHIP grants you the free access in exchange for acknowledgment within the outputs. We count on you to spread the word about INFRACHIP and boost innovation!

Frequently Asked Questions

The TA rule is quite specific to European projects. It implies that applicants based in a country are not allowed to get access through INFRACHIP to a facility located in the same country.

For example, if you are a PhD student in Ireland, you will not be eligible to get access to Tyndall. Fortunately, we have 11 access providers, and some technologies are available in several locations.

/! INL (Portugal) does not follow the TA rule, as it is considered an international institution and belongs also to Spain, meaning Portugal and Spain-based applicants can also get access to INL.

The Research accelerator Programme, as it aims to give an overview of the technologies you can get access to, follows the same TA rule.