PV Stability


The PV ISOS is an all in one “turn-key” package for the complete testing laboratory for characterization of the solar cell lifetime behavior. It comprises: ISOSun solar simulator, test chamber, test equipment, a software package, and all needed accessories.

Technical specifications:

  • Full testing possibilities for ISOS-D-1/2/3, ISOS-L-1/2/3, ISOS-O-1/2/3
  • Full ISOS testing of up to 40 solar cells simultaneously
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Turn-key package comprising ISOSun, ISOS-L-3 chamber, ISOS-D-2, ISOS testing laboratory hardware, SMU, DAQ and MUX, cables & connectors, and software

Case study:

The INFRACHIP user can utilize the PV ISOS to characterize the lifetime behavior of solar cells comprehensively. With the ISOSun solar simulator, the user can accurately replicate sunlight conditions for testing solar cells under various environmental conditions. The test chamber and equipment provided allow for precise measurements and data collection throughout the testing process.

Access Provider / Facilities