On chip micro/nanoelectrodes fabricated at Tyndall can be tailored and/or modified for electrochemical based sensing.


Electrochemical chips produced at Tyndall cleanroom facilities can be redesigned and / or modified to suit targeted electrochemical based sensing applications. Probing techniques include amperometry, cyclic voltammetry and impedance spectroscopy. The chips can be interfaced with microfluidics cell if necessary.

Technical specifications:

Current chip comprises of up to 16 working electrodes, one counter electrode and one reference electrode. Working electrode design currently include single and interdigitated microelectrode (width down to 1 micrometer, gaps down to 2 micrometres) and can be tailored for targeted applications. Smaller electrodes (~100nm) can be designed using e-beam lithography. Electrode material include Au and Pt. Substrate can be opaque (Si) or transparent (SiO2).

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