This bench is dedicated to measuring the mode profile of integrated waveguides


The measurement consists in injecting light from a laser via an optical fibre inside of the waveguide under test using butt-coupling. The signal transmitted by the waveguide is then collected at its output by a long working distance microscope objective and imaged on a CMOS sensor.  The image obtained on the sensor allows obtaining the modal profiles of the guided modes. The size of the mode profile is obtained by calibrating the magnification of the optical setup. 

A wide choice of optical fibres allows working in single mode regime from visible to near infrared for the exitation.

The positioning of the optical fibres is carried-out via multi-axis piezo micro positioners, allowing alignment on sub-micrometric waveguides.

A wide spectrum of available sources and detectors allows to cover the wavelengths ranging from visible to near infrared.

Technical specifications:

-3-Axis NanoMax Stage with Differential Adjusters (Thorlabs):

-Manual travel: 4mm

-Fine adjustment: 0.1 µm

-LASER: 405, 635, 780, 980, 1310, 1550nm, Tuneable LASER (15550nm)

-Cameras: CMOS Si Camera for 405->1100 nmwavelengths; CMOS InGaAs camera for 1->1.5 µm wavelengths.

Case study:

This equipment can be used to characterize the mode profile of guided modes of an optical waveguide. It can be best exploited if the waveguide is single-mode.

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