The Arkeo platform by Cicci Research offers a comprehensive range of measurement capabilities for advanced material analysis and research.


Arkeo All in one measurement platform, Cicci Research with the following capabilities: a) Photo-CELIV, b) impedance-spectroscopy, c) transient-photovoltage/current, d) MPPT tracker, e) Transient EL spectroscopy and f) thermal resolved analysis. Equipment for electrical characterization of PV and memristive devices with a multichannel workstation that can host multiple banks of fully independent SMUs. [(i.e., 32 independent Source measure units (SMUs) 10V@250mA, 250kHz bandwidth)]. The programmable small/large area LED-based illumination system, featuring at least one independent LED tower, incorporates proportional-integral closed-loop intensity regulation for precise control.

Technical specifications:

  • Steady state module:  JV from Dark to 2 SUN; Jsc/Voc vs Light intensity; Transient JV; Prebias, hysteresis and overshoot analysis;
  • Transient module: Small and High perturbation Transient photo-current/voltage analysis; CELIV (dark & illuminated); Charge extraction (dark & illuminated); Harmonic module: EIS IMVS-IMPS
  • Stability module: P&O Maximum Power Point Tracker with looped routines.
  • Thermal module: Peltier based active controller (0 to 90 °C +/- 0.5 °C);
  • Electro-luminescence module: CCD Spectrometer (300 to 1100 nm) Transient EL

Case study:

Upon gaining access to the Arkeo All-in-One Measurement Platform through INFRACHIP, the user utilizes the platform to analyze the electrical and optical properties of semiconductor materials, investigate charge transport mechanisms, and assess device performance. The MPPT tracker functionality aids the user in optimizing energy conversion efficiency in photovoltaic devices, while transient EL spectroscopy provides insights into defects and performance limitations in light-emitting devices.

Access Provider / Facilities