Hot roll milling machine (XH-401C) for producing thermoplastic master batches up to 0.5 kg.


Mixing hot roll milling machine (XH-401C), which can produce thermoplastic master batches up to 0.5 kg. The product is delivered at the moment as irregularly shaped pieces (which are further processed in order to get functional composite films), but soon, a system for producing pellets will be developed.

Technical specifications:

  • Mixing Capacity: 0.1 – 1 kg
  • Temperature: Room Temperature-300 o
  • Roller Dimension: ф120mm×L350mm
  • Rollers Gap: 0.1-5mm Adjustable
  • Roller Rotation Speed: 0-30r/min
  • Friction range: limitless speed change. The speed can be adjusted to any point within 0-30r/min

Case study:

The user can produce uniform pellets efficiently, allowing for consistent mixing and dispersion of thermoplastic materials. This results in higher-quality composite films with improved performance characteristics. Through INFRACHIP, the user can optimize the production process, improve the quality of the composite materials, and make significant strides towards developing advanced electronic devices.

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