Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM): ZEISS Supra 60VP Ellipsometer: Philips PQ Ruby Spectral Ellipsometer: J.A. Woollam Optical Microscope: Leica INM 100, Leica INM 300 Atomic Force Microscope (AFM): Veeco Dimension 3100, Bruker Icon Spectrometer: Bruker Lambda 1050 Raman spectroscopy system: Horiba Surface Profiler: Veeco DekTak³ST Electrical Probe Station: Cascade Microtech, Agilent Probe station: Lakeshore CRX-6.5 Optical-measurements setup RF Lab


SEM: Up to 8” Wafers

Ellipsometer: Automated Mappings on up to 8” Wafers

Spectral Ellipsometer: Single wafer processing on 6″ wafers

Optical Microscope: Image capturing on up to 6″ and 8”wafers

AFM Veeco Dimension 3100: High resolution STM, AFM, MFM on 6″ wafers

AFM Bruker Icon: surface topography scan, electrical measurement, conductive measurement,  KPFM, magnetic measurement, specific applications requires specific probes, on 8″ wafers

Spectrometer: transmission and reflectance, max. 10×10 cm², min 3×3 cm² (2×2 cm² possible

with holder), 10×10 cm²

Raman spectroscopy system: Confocal setup, single points, 2D, 3D, on 6″ wafers

Surface Profiler: z-resolution ~20nm

Electrical Probe Station Cascade: Semi-automatic High end Parameter analyzer for small signal DC nanoelectronic device testing

Electrical Probe Station Agilent: Agilent Precision impedance analyzer(4294A); Agilent semiconductor parameter analyzer(4156B); Agilent pA-meter (4140B); Agilent Precision LCR-meter (4284A)

Lakeshore Probe station: Temperature Range 6K-350K, 3 and 4 DC probe needles, on 2″ wafers and Temperature Range 10K-650K, 3 DC probe needles, with optical fiber, on2″ wafers

Optical-measurements setup: Silicon Photonics device testing on 8″ wafers

RF Lab: Electrooptical device testing; DC and RF, on 8″ wafers

Technical specifications:

Ellipsometer: Laser wavelengths of 632,1301 and 1541 nm.

Spectral Ellipsometer: UV-Vis wavelength

AFM Bruker Icon: Scan Range: (100×100) μm² down to (500×500) nm²(recommended), up to 1024 pixels

Spectrometer: Spectral range: 200 – 2500 nm

Raman spectroscopy system: 3 wavelengths of 532 nm, 633 nm, 785 nm, 50x & 100x objectives

Surface Profiler: vertical range 100A-1310kA

Electrical Probe Station Agilent: high temperature chuck up to 300 °C, 8″ wafers

Optical-measurements setup: Tunable laser; Fiber& butt coupled, at 1300 nm and 1550 nm.

Case study:

This is just a demo text!


This is just a demo text!

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