Nano Fiberlabs E05 electrospinning equipment


(1) A modular versatile experimental equipment.

(2) Nanomaterials with different morphologies can be prepared by using multiple nozzles and multiple collectors.

(3) A variety of nanomaterials can be prepared, such as nanofibers, hollow nanofibers, side by side nanofibers, porous nanofibers, aligned nanofibers, nanoparticles and nanostructured microstructures in combination with calcination.

Technical specifications:

(1) Dual high power voltage source, dual pump

(2) Stable: The built-in dehumidifier and syringe pump ensure the optimum spinning environment, to prevent problems such as spraying, dripping, and the growth of flocculent nanofiber stacks.

(3) Various nozzles and collectors to quickly prepare uniform nanofiber membrane.

(4) Safe intake and exhaust automatic device to protect human health.

(5) The experimental time controllable, with the function of recording and saving experimental data.

Case study:

The INFRACHIP user leverages the modular experimental equipment to conduct a wide range of experiments, optimizing synthesis processes and tailoring nanomaterial properties to specific applications. In the fabrication process of a humidity metal oxide resistive sensor, a practical solution to increase the active surface of the sensing layer was needed. To  achieve this, metal oxide nanostructured microstructures were fabricated by electrospinning-calcination and used to increase the sensor signal while its size was reduced.

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