GFET fabrication for sensing application on chip and wafer scale

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AMO offers the fabrication of graphene devices (GFETs) for sensor applications. Users can obtain customised graphene devices on chip-scale as well as on 6” or 8” wafers. Electrical characterization on wafer scale can be offered additionally.


As a basis for an individual stack the existing process flow for encapsulated GFETs with backgate and different contact schemes can be used and can include the following steps:  

  • local /global back gate
  • Dielectric deposition and via etching of the back gate pad
  • Fabrication of adhesion pads
  • Wafer-scale graphene transfer and pattering
  • Contact fabrication
  • Encapsulation and via etching on the contact pads

Furthermore, a device library is available with a Hall bar, a TLM structure device, a four-point measurement bar and a graphene sensing device that might be used e.g. as biosensor. For these devices, different dimensions are available and can be used as a basis for further modifications. 

Electrical characterization on wafer-scale can be offered additionally. 

Technical specifications:

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