Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID). MPMS (Magnetic Property Measurement System) is a highly sensitive SQUID magnetometer generally used to measure magnetic moments as function of applied magnetic field or temperature.


Our MPMS 3 (Quantum Design USA) offers new levels of performance in magnetic research such as magnetic recording media, next generation permanent magnetic application, spin glass, frustrated magnets, and high Tc superconductor etc.

The MPMS 3 incorporates major advances in data acquisition, temperature control and magnetic field control with ≤10-8emu sensitivity. MPMS 3 also provides expanded software functionality within its user-friendly MultiVu interface.

Technical specifications:

Measures both static and dynamic measurements:

Both in VSM and DC mode

  • Hysteresis loop with up to ±7T field at room temperature as well as from 1.4K to 1000K
  • Magnetisation (M) vs temperature (T) from 1000K up to 1.4K
  • AC susceptibility measurement from room temperature to 1.4K
  • AC Frequency Range: 0.1-1000 Hz
  • AC Field Amplitude: 0.1-10 Oe
  • Measures very small magnitude of coercivity:
  • Moment Sensitivity 1×10-8 emu for H≤2500 Oe  /  8×10-8 emu for H>2500 Oe

Case study:

Large exchange bias field in ferromagnetic/antiferromagnetic composite systems has plenty of applications in data storage and computation devices. A composite of ferromagnetic and magnetoelectric system offers additional functionality where magnetic anisotropy can be switched by electric field. This has potential applications in future generation spin-based nanoelectronics (spintronics). The magnitude and protocol dependency of exchange bias as a function of particles size of the constituent BiFeO3 and Bi2Fe4O9 of the composite is studied using SQUID. SQUID provides a complete mapping of variation of spontaneous as well as conventional exchange bias with particle size across 10-100 nm.


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