Integrated-Magnetics Design and Development includes high-frequency magnetics-on-silicon design and thorough characterization of developed devices. The offering involves access to a suite of equipment used for magnetic and high-frequency characterization of thin film magnetic structures and state-of-the-art electrical test capabilities for inductor device characterization at 10-50 MHz under large, fast switching currents (1-8 A).


The quest for miniaturized and efficient power converters for powering computer processors among other applications demand development of novel magnetic devices such as integrated inductors owing to their large volume and high losses. We offer novel magnetics design through state-of-the-art simulation and provide thorough analysis on the characteristics of the constituent magnetic materials, especially at the desired high frequency of operation, and detailed analysis of the performance of the inductor device itself. Characterization of integrated magnetic devices both under small-signal (with µW power level) and large-signal (with a few W power level) conditions at high frequency (say, 10-50 MHz) is essential to estimate the real-time performance of the developed inductor devices. While, fundamental magnetic characterization enable choice of appropriate magnetic material composition and physical structure.  

Our offering include equipment such as low-temp (~5K) SQUID, 9-GHz Permeameter, 100-mm full wafer BH-loop tracer for magnetic material characterization, and 18 GHz Vector Network Analyzer, 3 GHz Impedance analyser, 400 MHz Broadband RF Amplifier, 160 MHz Dual Channel waveform Generator, 2.5 GHz 50 Giga-sample/s Oscilloscope, custom designed large signal test board for aforesaid state-of-the-art device characterization.

Keywords: Thin film inductors, magnetic laminates, Hysteresis, permeability, inductance, Power-loss density, large signal test

Technical specifications:

  • Full-wave 3-D FEM based simulation software such as ANSYS HFSS and ANSYS MAXWELL.
  • SQUID magnetometer: Max. magnetic field: 7 T, Temperature range 5-700 K, 
  • Permeameter: Complex permeability measurement up to 9 GHz, Bias Field up to 1000 Oe.
  • BH-loop tracer: 100 mm full wafer, Bias Field up to 2000 Oe.
  • Vector Network Analyzer: Frequency range up to 18 GHz, equipped with RF probe station. 
  • Impedance analyser: Measurement frequency range up to 1 GHz.
  • Broadband RF Amplifier: Frequency range up to 400 MHz.
  • Dual Channel waveform Generator: Frequency range up to 160 MHz.
  • High resolution digital oscilloscope: 2.6 GHz, sampling size of 50 Giga-sample/s
  • Custom designed large signal test board for device characterization.

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