Custom made Spray (pyrolysis) System, with multiple nozzles. Suitable for metal oxide depositions onto various substrates including flexible.


Uniform thin film Indium Tin Oxide (ITO), Aluminum Doped Zinc Oxide (AZO), Zinc Oxide (ZnO), Fluorine Doped Metal Oxide and other Transparent Metal Oxide layers are often created using an ultrasonic spray pyrolysis technique. This process demands specialized coating equipment to create necessary coating thickness and morphology, spraying corrosive solutions in a high temperature environment. Ultrasonic spray wet deposition offers a cost-effective alternative to vacuum deposition and sputtering, with much higher transfer efficiencies. The highly uniform size of droplets produced by the ultrasonic atomizing nozzles makes it possible to achieve the optimal size droplet to perform the pyrolysis reaction, and all droplets will react in the same manner at the same time during the deposition process. This results in a highly efficient TMO production process, in either R&D or high-volume production.

The process challenges of spraying highly corrosive acids are overcome using various custom-made glass nozzles, corrosive resistant, designed for non-clogging, repeatable, long-life performance, even spraying highly corrosive solutions. The system is versatile and can be customised for various materials and deposition onto various substrates including flexible substrates.

Technical specifications:

Versatile chemically inert glass system, various nozzles, various deposition temperatures

Suitable for small and large area deposition

Air carrier or ultrasonic

Case study:

An INFRACHIP user can receive support in overcoming process challenges associated with spraying highly corrosive acids, such as the development of custom-made glass nozzles designed for non-clogging, repeatable, and long-life performance. This assistance can enhance the efficiency and reliability of TMO production processes.







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