StarLab is the ultimate tool for antenna pattern measurements in laboratories and production environments where space is limited, cost is critical, and the flexibility of a portable system is required.


StarLab uses an Active Switching Unit to switch between near-field passive measurement and over type of measurements. For near-field passive measurements, a Vector Network Analyzer is used as the RF source/ receiver. The Control Unit drives the two positioning motors and the electronic scanning of the probe arrays. 

The amplification unit amplifies the signal on transmission and reception channels according to the frequency bands. The Transfer Switching Unit is used to switch between the emission by AUT and the reception by AUT modes. The power and control unit supplies the power and drives the RF units.

Measurement capabilities 

  • Gain 
  • Directivity 
  • Beamwidth 
  • Cross polar discrimination 
  • Sidelobe levels 
  • 3D radiation pattern 
  • Radiation pattern in any polarization (linear or circular) 
  • Antenna efficiency 


Arch with probe array, AUT positioner, rubberized absorbers

and lighting

Control unit

Power and control unit

Tx and Rx amplification units

Instrumentation rack

Uninterruptible power supply

Technical information:



Technical specifications:


  • Near-field / Spherical 
  • Near-field / Cylindrical

Frequency bands 

  • StarLab 18 GHz: 650 MHz to 18 GHz

Max. size of DUT 

  • 45 cm for spherical set-up 
  • 2.7 m x 45 cm for cylindrical set-up 
  • Specific lengths available upon request 

Max. weight of DUT 

  • 10 kg with styrofoam mast 
  • 15 kg with heavy DUT mast 

Typical dynamic range 

  • 650 MHz – 6 GHz: 70 dB 
  • 6 GHz – 18 GHz: 60 dB


Access Provider / Facilities