Magnetic Material Characterisation - SPINCarac offers a suit of equipment dedicated to characterization of magnetic materials and micro or nano devices localized at Grenoble - FRANCE


Here are the most significant tools of SPINCarac platform :

 – Magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJ) are basic building blocks of many of Spintronic stacks. After deposition, a quick feedback on their properties is key for a fast development cycle. The CAPRES CIPT tool allow to measure the tunneling magneto resistance (TMR) without the need of time-consuming nanofabrication procedures.

 – The NanoMOKE®3 Wafer Mapper is an ultrahigh sensitivity Kerr effect magnetometer specially configured for measuring magnetic hysteresis loops and domain images across the entire surface of large area samples.  It is ideally suited for wafer-scale development and manufacture of MRAM, magnetic sensors and advanced materials. 

 – The Vibrating Sample Magnetometers (VSMs) are easy to use instruments for measuring magnetic moment and coercivity of thin films from 4K to 700K

– The magneto-transport measurements at cryogenics temperatures or magnetic field up to 9T could provide precious informations on magnetic materials or nanostructures. 

The wafers probers allow automatic electrical test under a magnetic field, for MRAM devices and magnetic sensors in all phases of the magnetic technology development.

Technical specifications:

From few mm to 200-300mm diameter wafers 

Temperature from 2.7K to 700K and magnetic field up to 9 Teslas

DC or AC transport measurements

Case study:

The user can perform on this platform magnetic and/or magnetotransport characterizations of various samples from magnetic material stacks to devices for spintronics and magnetic sensors

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