Advanced spectroscopy techniques for precise molecular analysis, covering fluorescence, phosphorescence, near-infrared spectra, and polarization/anisotropy measurements.


  • Steady State Fluorescence
  • Fluorescence Lifetime (TCSPC)
  • Phosphorescence Lifetime (MCS)
  • Spectral Coverage into the Near-Infrared
  • Polarisation and Anisotropy (POL)

Technical specifications:

  • Multiple detector ports in one fully integrated instrument, measure up to 1650 nm and fluorescence lifetimes down to 25 ps
  • >10,000:1 Water Raman SNR, high sensitivity allows for detection of very weak fluorescence signals
  • Three detectors as standard, reference detector to correct for light source fluctuations, transmission detector for absorbance, single-photon counting (SPC) detector for ultimate sensitivity
  • Plug & Play sample modules, automatic sample module recognition and initialisation saves the user time and effort. Wide range of modules available for varied sample analysis

Case study:

The near-infrared spectral coverage capability of the FS5 enables the INFRACHIP user to study materials in this important range, which is crucial for applications such as telecommunications and infrared sensing. Additionally, polarization and anisotropy measurements help her understand molecular alignment and orientation, essential for optimizing device performance.

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