Quantum Efficiency/ IPCE Measurement System


QE-R quantum efficiency system is a PV cell tester which can provide cell’s QE (quantum efficiency), PV-EQE (external quantum efficiency), IPCE (incident photon-to-electron conversion efficiency), SR (spectral response), IQE (internal quantum efficiency), Reflectance. Two independent lock-in amplifiers, which monitor the optical power and measure the device signal simultaneously.

Technical specifications:

  • Absolute light intensity calibration
  • SR, EQE measuring
  • Auto in-situ Jsc(EQE) calculation
  • Auto Jsc(EQE) calculation at each wavelength
  • IQE calculation 
  • Bandgap analysis
  • Data collecting and analyzing 
  • Mismatch factor (MMF) calculation
  • Signal monitoring function

Case study:

The QE-R system is a comprehensive PV cell tester capable of providing various important metrics such as quantum efficiency (QE), external quantum efficiency (PV-EQE), incident photon-to-electron conversion efficiency (IPCE), spectral response (SR), internal quantum efficiency (IQE), and reflectance. By leveraging the QE-R system, the INFRACHIP user can assess the efficiency of PV cells and identify factors that may limit their performance, such as defects or material imperfections. This information is crucial for optimizing PV cell design and fabrication processes to achieve higher energy conversion efficiencies.

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