Custom borosilicate glassware production facility (pieces up to 30cm length).


Borosilicate glassware is suitable for an extremely diverse range of applications. Whether you need a custom glass bottle, specialised laboratory glassware or more complicated glass components, we have the expertise to support your ideas and fulfil your need and produce prototypes. Our facility can also help with reparation of damaged expensive pieces/components.

Technical specifications:

Custom glassware facility include lathe, torches, annealing (up to 30cm size pcs) , specialised support

Case study:

A colleagues need for an electrochemical synthesis project some special custom cell. He submitted his ideas for a cell that would best suit his purposes, which included a low volume cell that could hold a vacuum while being moved in and out of a glovebox. We worked with him on his ideas, and developed his custom glassware.

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