Discover the INFRACHIP showroom!

Finally, the long awaited INFRACHIP showroom is now accessible, with more than 100 available sets of equipment and technologies!

Transnational Access calls will start imminently. Interested parties will be able to apply for a EU sponsored (=no cost) access to the displayed technologies.

How does it work?
Depending on your research topic or work, you may need to use a specific tool, or conduct research using peculiar equipment, analyzing samples…creating, testing a prototype. Unfortunately, the costs or conditions to access such high-class technology can be a clear obstacle to the progress of your research – and thus, research in general -, no matter who you are: PhD, SME or an Academic researcher.

This is where INFRACHIP comes into play.

To boost research and help solving modern challenges, we need to lower access barriers and open the way to innovation & prototype fabrication.

You can navigate the showroom and, if you see an equipment you would need to make significant progresses in your research, send us an enquiry: our interface team will discuss with you of your project and you will decide together of the most relevant tools and access type you will benefit from. It can be a remote access (sending samples, obtaining datas…) as well as in-person access to the facility and a stay up to several weeks, entirely funded by the EU.


In parallel, INFRACHIP also provides training (hands-on experience and courses) in the access providers facilities, in order to introduce junior researchers to the available technologies they can later benefit from (see Research Accelerator Programme).