Vector Network Analyser capable of performing measurements up to 400 GHz. The VNA is natively capable of performing measurements from 10 MHz up to 67 GHz in a continuous fashion, and in a banded mode from 67 GHz up to 400 GHz: a) 67 GHz – 115 GHz, b) 110 GHz-170 GHz, c) 170 GHz – 260 GHz and d) 260 GHz – 400 GHz. Antenna chamber for measurements of antenna radiation characteristics, with a minimum frequency of operation of 20 GHz.


Radio Frequency (RF) measurement capabilities of Wireless Communications Laboratory at Tyndall National Institute have been recently boosted by the acquisition of a Vector Network Analyser (VNA), with an upper frequency of operation of 400 GHz and an antenna chamber with a minimum frequency of operation of 20 GHz. 

Technical specifications:

  • Vector network analyser, PNA, Keysight with a combined upper frequency of operation of 400 GHz. 
  • Antenna chamber with a minimum operational frequency of 20 GHz. Chamber size 2.4 m x 1.2 m x 1.2 m. 

Case study:

With our equipment INFRACHIP users can measure the performance of a range of RF devices and antennas operating up to sub-THz frequencies. The device is state-of-the-art and is useful to researchers and organisations working in the telecommunications field.  

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