HyperPath is a software solution for enabling secure and reliable wireless connectivity for challenging use cases such as BVLOS drones, Industry 4.0 and mission-critical IoT (e.g. medical devices)


HyperPath combines Link Bonding, Peer-To-Peer (P2P) communication and Zero-trust security to create an ultra-reliable and secure virtual wide-area network. It replaces traditional VPNs, as well as SD-WAN solutions, with a more performant and flexible pure software solution that is deployable on all mainstream operating systems including iOS and Android.  

It is aimed at applications that require reliable communication in challenging environments such as Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone communication, connected vehicles, and mission-critical IoT (e.g. connected medical devices). 


Find more info at https://www.hyperpath.ie 

Technical specifications:

Software-only solution 

Supports Linux, MacOS, Windows, Android & iOS 

Deployed as a VPN client with a cloud-based management console / dashboard

Case study:

With HyperPath, an INFRACHIP user can experiment with combining different wireless (and wired) technologies using custom multi-path schedulers and policies, including AI-based, and be able to deploy these experiments rapidly into any devices and environments to measure real-world impact.  

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