The Planetary ball mill PM100 (Canada) is a compact, lubrication-free laboratory system designed for mixing, homogenizing, and fine grinding, with additional accessories for comprehensive material processing.


Planetary ball mill PM100 (Canada), which is a compact, easy-to-use, and lubrication-free laboratory system for mixing, homogenizing, fine grinding, mechanical alloying, small sample preparing, new product development and small volume high-tech material production. The system is accompanied by an optical microscope, an ultrasonic bath and a sieving system for further processing.

Technical specifications:

There are available stainless-steel jars (with stainless steel balls) with a size of 500 ml, 250 ml, 100 ml and 50 ml as well as agate jars (with agate balls) with a size of 100 ml and 50 ml.  The diameters of the respective balls are 6 mm, 10 mm and 20 mm. The feeding of the mill should be with particles of a diameter less than 3 mm and it can achieve sizes down to 100 nm (depending on the material). The mill can work with hard, medium to hard and soft materials.

Case study:

The compact and easy-to-use system allows the user to efficiently mix, homogenize, and grind materials for various applications, from mechanical alloying to new product development. The accompanying accessories, such as the optical microscope, ultrasonic bath, and sieving system, provided by InfraChip, further enhance the user’s capabilities for material processing and analysis.

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