Screen Printer LAB1000 for printing rigid and flexible materials.


The laboratory Screen printer 1000 is used for printing rigid and flexible materials on substrates of the format 400 x 400 mm and a maximum thickness of 20 mm. The precise table guidance, in conjunction with highly dynamic servo driver, ensures high register accuracy and multilayer printing.

Technical specifications:


  • Sample size 400 x 400 mm x 20 mm
  • High precision screen printer
  • Automatic screen and substrate alignment with CCD cameras
  • Teachable camera software to allow different fiducial marks

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Case study:

A user wants to print some functional layers on a thin film substrate made from PET. The design hosts some piezoelectric material sandwiched between two electrodes. The entire structure is encapsulated by protection layer. Prior the processing, the layout is discussed with the team and the appropriate materials are chosen. The print is performed under controlled environmental condition like yellow light, which also enables UV curable inks to be processed. A first layers is printed and post processing steps like thermal treatment, IR or UV curing is performed. After changing the screen, another layer can be processed onto the same substrate so that multilayer designs are realized. After four printing/post processing a transducer is fabricated which can then be used within the desire force sensing application.

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