UNINOVA offers the access to the entire value chain related to the fabrication and characterization of energy harvesters based on tribo and piezoelectric materials, on rigid and flexible substrates.


Core competences offered:

  • Fabrication and characterization of mechanical energy harvesters and related materials making use of triboelectric and/or piezoelectric effects.
  • Multiple device concepts can be explored, such as microstructuration of polymeric matrices and its functionalization with piezoelectric oxide nanostructures, conductive cellulose fibre/polyaniline composites for paper-based NGs and also textile NGs using carbon fibre yarns. The UNOVA team can assist users in investigating:
    Effect of shape, size and pitch of microstructured polymers on the electrical response of NGs
    Effect of nanostructure shape, size, concentration and orientation on the electrical response of NGs
    NG reliability

Major tools:

  • Conventional and microwave assisted furnaces for oxide nanostructure synthesis
  • CO2 lasers for preparation of microstructured polymeric molds
  • Spin-coaters, dip-coaters and doctor blade-coater for polymer and/or hybrid polymer/oxide film coating
  • Sputtering and e-beam evaporation for deposition of transparent conductors
  • AFM-based techniques for evaluation of charge transfer mechanisms at nanoscale
  • Cyclic bending tool with controllable pressure and frequency
  • Wide range of oscilloscopes, power supplies and semiconductor analysers for poling of piezo materials and electrical characterization of NGs (C)

Technical specifications:


  • Glass or flexible substrates (up to 4” size)


  • Force applied: 10-60 N
  • Frequency: 0.5-2 Hz
  • Electrical characterization in probe stations (current) – up to 4” substrate

Case study:

A user will be able to produce sustainable and flexible mechanical nanogenerators (both materials and devices), perform the electrical characterization of the output voltage and current and utilize the nanogenerators to real-life application, such as lighting up multiple LEDs and turn on other small electronic devices.









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