Research Accelerator Programme at UNINOVA

New training for PhD and early career researchers – “Flexible oxide TFT electronics: from design to circuit fabrication and characterization”


The next INFRACHIP Research Accelerator Programme (RAP) will take place on July 24th-26th in UNINOVA, Almada, Portugal. It will provide an on-site introduction to the state-of-the-art technology/facilities available at UNINOVA related to flexible oxide thin-film transistors (TFTs). Participants will have contact with the multiple steps required to take oxide TFTs from device level design up to circuit integration, as described here:

Costs for travel, accommodation and access to infrastructure are covered by INFRACHIP through EU funds for up to 8 applicants.

The RAP will cover three modules, including visits, discussions with the local staff and experts, as well as hands-on experiences.


Module 1 – Design and simulation
• Introduction to TCAD and how it can help to understand oxide TFTs
• Characteristics and limitations of oxide TFTs for circuit design
• Case study #1: Logic gates and digital circuits (Oscillators, multiplexers…)
• Case study #2: Analog circuits (amplifiers, comparators…)
• Case study #3: System implementation (energy management circuit)

Module 2 – Fabrication in clean room environment
• Sputtering of thin film electrodes
• Atomic layer deposition of low-temperature high-κ dielectrics
• Micro/nanoscale patterning using direct laser writing and nanoimprint lithography

Module 3 – Characterization
• Electrical characterization of oxide TFTs
• Electrical characterization of flexible circuit blocks
• Failure analysis using SEM/FIB


Requirements to apply: you must be a PhD student or an early career researcher, meaning that you defended your thesis two years ago or less.

If you are based in Portugal (your University or Organisation), unfortunately, you are not eligible for the training.