The bench is dedicated to RF characterizations of optoelectronic devices (lasers, modulators, detectors…)


A complete opto-electronic link is available to study opto-electrical devices operating at telecommunication wavelengths, both in the time and frequency domain.

The system includes optical sources, optical fibers, Mach-Zehnder modulators, EDFA, high speed detectors, and RF generator. For high frequency characterizations, external mixing is available.   

The signal can be analysed in the time domain using a high speed scope or in the frequency domain using electrical spectrum analysers. The system can be combined to a vector network analyser to characterized opto-electrical bandwidths.

The system is ready to operate for pigtailed devices operating in C-band. Electrical DC needles, GSG probes and optical access (bare fiber or focuser) are available for non-pigtailed components, but require custom preparation.

Technical specifications:

Current source and thermal controllers + 1550nm semiconductor lasers.

Tuneable LASER in C-band

Pump diodes 980nm

Single mode optical fiber up to 25km 

Optical modulation up to 40 GHz 

RF generators up to 60 GHz

6GHz and 23 GHz sampling scope

26 GHz Electrical spectrum, upgradable to 40-50GHz and 50-110GHz using different external mixing stages (~20 GHz bandwidth)

65 GHz Vector network analyser.

65 GHz Calibrated photodiode in C-band.

Case study:

This configuration can be used for measuring RF properties of optical devices (RF bandwidth, transfer function, relaxation frequencies) and can adapted extend to specific characterisations (laser linewidth, intensity noise, third-order intercept point)

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