The 3D laser scanning microscope of the VK-X1050 model series uses two different measurement principles combined in one device; depending on the application, a confocal laser and focus variation can be used. This enables high-precision topographical measurements and analysis of various measurement objects with nanometer resolution.


The 3D laser scanning microscope has fast acquisition capabilities of areas up to 100 × 100 mm, with a maximum sample sizes up to 630 x 300 mm. This enables fast analysis of both the overall shape and specific areas. Even difficult materials, such as those with transparent and reflective surfaces, can be measured quickly, with high accuracy, and over large areas. This 3D laser scanning microscope can measure objects regardless of magnification, surface roughness and texture (transparent/reflective surfaces). 

Technical specifications:


  • fast acquisition of measurement areas up to 100 × 100 mm (stitching of adjacent areas possible)
  • maximum sample sizes up to 630 x 300 mm. 
  • measurement of surface roughness and texture (transparent/reflective surfaces).

Additional information:  https://www.keyence.de/products/microscope/laser-microscope/ 


Case study:

For the nanoimprint process, a nickel stamp is fabricated at high aspect ratio. After all the process steps an evaluation of the 100µm high structures is  required. Using laser scanning microscope, the quality of the stamp is assessable; information on the morphology at high resolution and large areas is extracted. As this method is non-destructive, it can also be used on samples which are required in other fabrication steps.  


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