Oxford instruments/Jupiter XR - Atomic Force Microscope is a large-sample machine that offers high-speed imaging with additional characterization tools including KPFM, conductive AFM, SCM, EFM, PFM, MFM and force mapping as well as various sample environments.


The Asylum Research Jupiter XR Atomic Force Microscope is a large-sample AFM that offers a high-speed imaging and an extended range in a single scanner. Jupiter provides complete 200 mm sample access and delivers higher resolution, faster results and a simpler user experience. Besides standard topography imaging, it offers advanced modes for nanomechanic and nanoelectric characterization such as KPFM, conductive AFM, SCM, EFM, PFM, MFM and force mapping. Various sample chambers exist controlling temperature, humidity, or liquid environment.  

Technical specifications:


– any point on 200 mm samples fully-addressable with high-speed stage (200 mm x 300 mm travel)

– max. sample height: 35 mm

– scanner: 100 μm X-Y & 12 μm Z range

– typical image acquisition time (topography): 1 min/frame

– measurement in inert atmosphere or liquids possible

– active sample cooling/heating from -30°C up to 120°C or from RT to 300°C (passive cooling) for up to 20 mm samples

– high voltage manipulation with up to +/- 150 V possible

– I/V measurements with a current gain of up to 1e9 V/A

– blueDrive™ Tapping Mode for more reproducible results and simplified operation

– Ultralow noise floor (< 25pm)

Additional information: https://afm.oxinst.com/products/jupiter-family-of-afms/jupiter-xr-afm

Case study:

The user is interested in the piezo response of an individual small sensor element in a sensor array. Furthermore, the user is interested in the temperature at which the well aligned dielectric dipoles become randomly distributed. For these questions, the AFM is equipped with piezo force measurement capabilities that can be used to identify the mechanical response when a voltage is applied. Using the temperature stage in-situ information is gathered.


Topography measurement, including high aspect ratio nano/microstructures.

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