Filament composer compatible with the material extrusion 3D printing method from various polymeric materials from common to high-performance ones.


A filament extruder for the preparation of filament for the material extrusion (MEX) 3D printing method. This device enables the preparation of custom-made filament with the composition each user wants or the preparation of filament with a specific grade. This approach apart from the scientific interest, it is also cost effective, as the cost of the raw material is about the 1/10 the cost of a respective commercial filament, which also does not have known composition, even for the pure polymeric materials. This extruder supports a long list of polymeric materials, such as ABS, PLA, PA12 and many other. It also supports the production of filament with high-performance polymers, such as PEEK, since it can reach 450 °C.

Homepage: https://www.3devo.com/filament-maker-one-composer-precision

Technical specifications:

Screw Length: 335 mm, ensuring extensive material interaction for uniform filament properties.

Screw Material: Made of hardened nitride steel for durability and longevity.

Design Features: Includes a compression zone and a built-in mixing section, enabling the production of consistent and well-blended filaments.

Model Variants:

350 Series: Suitable for a wide array of materials including PLA, ABS, PS, PC, PETG, TPU, TPE, PPS, PVA, and various PAs.

450 Series: Extends the capabilities of the 350 series by adding compatibility with high-performance materials like PEEK, PEKK, PAEK, PEI, PSU, and PES, catering to advanced applications.

Case study:

The filament extruder provided by INFRACHIP enables the user to prepare custom-made filaments with precise compositions tailored to their specific requirements. With the ability to control filament composition, they can optimize material properties such as strength, thermal stability, and resistance to chemicals and radiation.


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