Large size parts manufacturing with the material extrusion 3D printing method.


A 3D printer operating with the material extrusion (MEX) 3D printing method for the manufacturing of large in size parts up to 600 × 600 × 660 mm. This 3D printer supports open access materials, and can 3D print large in size parts by using a long list of polymeric materials, such as ABS, PLA, PA12 and many other. It has two print heads, to be able to build support structures or two different materials at the same time. These specifications make the 3D printer ideal for the prototyping of large is size parts, which are common in the industry, or even functional parts of that size, with the 3D printing production method which enables the production of complex geometries, without geometrical limitations.

Homepage: https://www.modix3d.com/big60-order/

Technical specifications:

Print volume: 600 X 600 X 660 mm (XYZ).

Machine Size (WxDxH): 906x1060x1,506 mm

Shipping Weight: 120 KG (depend on add-ons selection)

Enclosure: Optional

IDEX – Secondary print head – optional

Z Axis Guides: Smooth rods, Hiwin rails – optional

Fully Automated Calibration


Case study:

INFRACHIP access assists the user by providing advanced semiconductor technologies that optimize the printer’s performance, enhance material compatibility, and improve printing efficiency. This facilitates rapid iteration and innovation in product development, ultimately accelerating research and innovation in the field of additive manufacturing.

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