This is a suite of test equipment that is suitable for characterizing RF and Microwave circuits and systems as well as material dielectric characterization, NFC characterization as well as antenna characterization.


Tyndall’s Antenna and RF Test and Characterization Suite includes key items such as the ETS Lindgren AMS-8050 Antenna Measurement System supports testing a wide range of portable wireless devices and mobile handsets in free-space or using a head and hands phantoms up to 10 GHz. The AMS-8050 is a compact, fully anechoic RF enclosure for over-the-air (OTA) testing. It is used for antenna and wireless device measurements including pre-certification testing, design verification, performance verification, and production sample testing.


Antenna measurements from 700 MHz to 10 GHz

-Efficient Over-the-Air (OTA) Antenna Pattern Measurement

-2D/3D Antenna Patterns


-Ideal as a Shared Resource for Pre-compliance Testing

-Compact, Anechoic Absorber-lined RF Enclosure

-Self-contained, Built on a Moveable Cart System

-1.5m Path Length

-EMQuest Data Acquisition and Analysis Software


Other significant RF test equipment items in the suite are listed in Table 1 and shown in the image.

Technical specifications:

Table. 1 lists the equipment items in the Antenna and RF Test and Characterization Suite.

Equipment Manufacturer Model Functionality
VNA Anritsu MS2038C 5 kHz – 20 GHz
VNA Rohde & Schwarz ZNB8-2Port 9 kHz – 8.5 GHz
Dak – Dialectric Assessment Kit Speag DAK3.5-TL-P 200 MHz – 20 GHz
Compact Antenna Test System ETS-Lindgren AMS-8050 700 MHz – 10 GHz
Horn antenna Schwarzbeck BBHA 9120D 1 GHz – 18 GHz
Antenna Mast Schwarzbeck AM9144 NA
NFC Test System Voyantic Tagformance Pro 13.56 MHz HF RFID and UHF 868 MHz

Table. 1 Antenna and RF Test and Characterization Suite.

Case study:

An INFRACHIP user can characterize the RF performance of devices and wireless systems using the equipment listed Table. 1 up to 20 GHz. In addition, the radiated performance of antennas and wireless systems can be measured using the AMS-8050 up to 10 GHz.

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