Tresky T3000 Pro die bonder to enable SMT assembly


Hybrid integration as well as electronic development requires the assembling of various components. This offer is a semi automatic die bonder that assist in placing accurately standard SMD components. Controlled heating ramps and defined force application ensure the adhesive attachment and electrical conduction with printed circuits or copper lines on copper PCB.

Technical specifications:


  • Max Substrate Size: 220 x 220 x 95 mmm
  • Bond Force = 20 to 400 g @ ±1g
  • z-resolution =  ±0.001 mm
  • placement accuracy = ± 10µm

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Case study:

After the fabrication of the functional part of the sensor, this needs connection to electronic devices. Surface mount technology allows for hybrid integration so that the additional components in the vicinity of the sensor is placeable. The die bonder enables a reproducible placement of SMD components of various sizes. Defined temperature ramps as well as mechanical force application enables usage of either thermally curable conductive adhesives as well as standard soldering.  

In the development of the read out electronic PCBs, the assembling is also done using this setup.

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