The Nordson EFD system is a multifunctional deposition tool for inks and paste over a wide viscosity range.


The Nordson EFD system is equipped with a state of the art dispensing employing compressed air. Additional Jetting capability allow to deposit smaller amount of material. The 2D stage allow to provide digital printing of a variety of materials.  The setup is capable to deposit inks and pasts of a large range of viscosities. As such large amount of deposit can be achieve so large thicknesses can be obtained easily. 

Technical specifications:


  • max Substrate Size: 200 x 200 mm
  • max Substrate Thickness: 50 mm
  • max Print Speed (application dependant): 400 mm/s
  • max sample weight 5kg

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Case study:

A user wants to establish a tactile switch. After depositing a force node, the brail layer is deposited using the dispensing to achieve a dome like structure. A layer thickness of several hundreds of µm allows to achieve a good user experience on the switching process. 

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