UNINOVA offers services to explore advanced materials and devices capable of enhanced light-matter interaction, aiming for the full conversion of the solar spectrum to electricity, via cost-effective solar cells enhanced with light management. Includes simulation, fabrication and characterization.


Core competences offered:

  • Explore efficiency, stability and bendability of perovskite solar cells obtained through chemical based routes;
  • Integration of advanced light-trapping schemes to boost optical density, via wave-optical micro-structuring;
  • Optical characterization of the materials and devices and data interpretation.

Major tools:

  • Sputtering for deposition of transparent conductors
  • Spin-coaters in glovebox for perovskite thin films coating and encapsulation
  • Colloidal lithography and RIE for microstructuration
  • Solar simulators, quantum efficiency and spectral response measurement
  • Optical simulation via Ansys Lumerical

Technical specifications:

Specs of perovskite solar cells produced in CENIMAT-NOVA:

Active area: 0.1-1 cm2

Efficiency: 10-20% (lower on flexible substrates, higher on rigid glass)

Specs for colloidal lithography patterning:

Maximum sample area: 10×10 cm2

Sample material: rigid, water-resistant, preferably hydrophilic (or capable of withstanding hydrophilization treatments)

Specs for sputtering of transparent conductors:

Maximum sample size: 12×12 cm2

Sample material: capable of withstanding high vacuum and plasma-driven deposition

PV characterization:

Capability of measuring solar cells and modules up to 1.5 m2 area 

Range of illumination spectrum close to AM1.5 (sea-level sunlight)

Case study:

A user is developing a certain PV technology and can have the need to test the integration of front photonic coatings for light-trapping. So the coatings can be integrated here and the solar cells can be characterized as well via standard PV measurements.


The techniques listed here are covered in this review article: doi.org/10.3390/nano11071665

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