Micro-thermoelectric generator for energy harvesting from waste heat and micro-thermoelectric cooler (Peltier cell) on Si and other wafers for direct integration. Seebeck coefficient, electrical and thermal conductivity measurements of thermoelectric materials.


Thin film micro-thermoelectric devices on different wafers (Si, glass, SiN, etc.) for on-chip energy harvesting and thermal management of the electronic and photonic integrated circuits. These micro-devices are suitable for converting waste heat into electricity to run simple sensors and IoT devices. Similarly, these devices can be applied as Peltier cell for active thermal management of the optoelectronic components and circuits. 

Extensive characterisation of all the thermoelectric properties of the materials (Seebeck coefficient, electrical and thermal conductivities) and also complete characterisation of the micro-thermoelectric devices based on modified ASTM-D5470 standard. 

Technical specifications:

The micro-devices can be varied in size based on the requirements and can be from few mm square to few cm square. The devices are developed in different wafers using optical lithography techniques. 

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