Dry oxidation furnace: Centrotherm Wet Oxidation furnace: Centrotherm Low Pressure Chemical Vapour Deposition Furnace (LPCVD): Centrotherm Rapid Thermal Annealing Tool: Jipelec


Oxidation Furnace: Various recipes for Dry oxidation growth of up to 300nm oxide layer and Wet oxidation up to 2000nm. Per run up to 200 Wafers with size 2”- 6” or 150 Wafers of size 8”. 15x15cm tray for samples available.

LPCVD Stochiometric Silicon Nitride (Si₃N₄) of up to 500nm. Per run up to 25 6”-Wafers and 15x15cm tray for samples

LPCVD Low temp. SiO2 of up to 500nm. Per run up to 25 6”-Wafers and 9 samples of maximum 2x2cm

Rapid Thermal Annealing using various gases on 6” Wafers

Technical specifications:

Centrotherm Dry/Wet Oxidation: up to 1050°C

LPCVD:; Silicon Nitride with SiH₂Cl₂ and NH₃ process at 770°C; Silicon Oxide with SiH₄ and O₂ process at 425 °C

Jipilec: up to 1100°C; Process gases H₂, N₂, Ar

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