Myfab Chalmers offers several tools and ready-to-use recipes for etching of diverse materials and applications.


The following processes are already established and run within the infrastructure: 

– Ion beam milling 

– Reactive ion beam milling 

– Deep Si etch (Bosch process) for deep anisotropic etching of Si 

– Shallow Si etching with high anisotropy (90deg) and smooth sidewall

– Dielectric etching of SiO2, SiNx

– GaAs etching of high aspect ratio nanostructures 

– Compound semiconductor etching at high temperature

– Etching of unconventional materials, such as 2D flakes (TMDC, graphene, …)

– Isotropic Si etching using XeF2 gas vapor

Technical specifications:

Physical etching

  • Oxford Ionfab 300 Plus Ion Beam System. Inert Ar ion milling with SIMS endpoint detection. Etching using LN2 cooling available. 5mm to 100mm wafer.
  • Oxford Ionfab 300 Reactive Ion Beam System for Chlorine based reactive ion-beam etching. 5mm to 100mm wafer.


  • Oxford PlasmaPro 100 cluster. Double chamber ICP-RIE etching tool with separated Cl-based and F-based etching chemistry. 5mm to 100mm wafers. End-point detection.
  • STS ICP-RIE dry etcher with load-lock. HBr, Cl and SF6 etching gas. 5mm to 100mm wafers. High temperature stage for compound semiconductor etching. End-point detection
  • Oxford Estrella for deep Si etch (Bosch Process). 5mm to 150mm wafers. Electrostatic clamp and substrate temperature control. 

Vapor etching

  • Memstar XeF2 vapor release etching allows dry isotropic etching of Si at μm/min etch rates. 5mm to 150mm wafer.

Access Provider / Facilities

Chalmers University