Discrete and Silicon power management circuit for energy harvesting and micro-power management. Energy source platform that can supplement battery operation Tools, expertise and testbed to optimise WSN power and/or maximise energy harvested


PMIC (Energy Harvesting Power Management IC)

– Power characterization and Energy harvesting compatibility suite for application validation

– Low power analog & mixed signal design for IoT circuit building blocks, e.g. impedance matching, MPPT, oscillators, modulators, cold start boost. 

Simulation tools & libraries to optimize circuit and system level performance

Testbeds & system optimization tools 

eSiP (Energy Source in Package)

– Ability to add energy harvesting, storage and power management circuits (discrete and silicon)

– Embed integration technologies such as PCBs, substrates, micro-transfer printing, magnetics

WSN power consumption, energy harvesting based battery life optimisation suite and testbed

– Tools and expertise to optimise WSN power for various applications.

– On-site digitally interoperable deployment testbed to do real-life experiments to optimise power consumption and work around energy constraints at node and network level.

Technical specifications:

Focusing on power solutions for ultra low power (ULP) WSNs in the energy harvesting sweet spot of 1-200uW where many real-life ambient energies can significantly extend WSN battery life, in some cases offering full autonomy.

Case study:

Here are some previous TAs from EnABLES (power IoT predecessor to EnABLES)

Stories – Access to facilities & expertise (enables-project.eu)


Please look at EnABLES position paper for vision to power IoT with context, sweetspot and ecosystem for collaboration

Position Paper – Access to facilities & expertise (enables-project.eu) 

Also look at EnerHarv 2022 publication

EnerHarv 2022 Data Repository – EnerHarv

Mike Hayes, Tyndall National Institute, Ireland “EnABLES – Free of charge power IoT feasibility studies undertaken”

Access Provider / Facilities