Here are listed all the required processing steps and technologies for developing sustainable low-power electronics with low manufacturing cost and low environmental impact during manufacturing.


Green Electronics & Substrates

UNOVA, HMU and JOR will have their technology offerings under this platform. This technology pillar offers users economically and environmentally sustainable routes to prepare substrates, inks, films and devices, that can be used as standalone projects or as components for the integration of systems. The platform also offers characterization facilities. The offering will be on semiconductor and flexible substrates.

Green Sensors

Tyndall and WUT/ CEZAMAT will have their offerings under this platform. Under this platform there will be offerings to develop LIG sensors both of flexible and wafer substrates. It will have on offering development of electronic structures such as luminescent displays, textronic materials and graphene electrodes on flexible and stretchable substrates such as polymer film, common fabrics and paper.

Hybrid SiP/SoC

WUT/CEZAMT and Tyndall will offer their Hybrid and heterogeneous integration capabilities under this technology pillar. The offering will have the capability to perform the assembly using a Finetech Flip-Chip Pico device or a small, self-built heating press, allowing for multiple connections to be made at the same time. The platform will offer the Micro Transfer Printing technology for packaging.

Maskless Laser Lithography

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Maskless laser lithography system for creating high quality 1D, 2D and 2.5D microstructures...
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