INFRACHIP, through the Transnational Access for Integrated Power, offers a platform for novel solutions to extend the battery lifetime of autonomous IoT nodes, minimising energy consumption through power electronics innovation and micro-power management as well as providing hybrid solutions to harvest energy.


Energy Autonomy

WUT/ CEZAMT, HMU, UNOVA, Tyndall, NCSRD and INL are the partners offering their capabilities under the Energy Autonomy technology offer of INFRACHIP. Under this section Energy harvesting methods involving different energy sources like light, RF & THz waves, magnetic, vibrations, heat etc will be on offer. Different characterization tools for optical, surface and electrical measurements will be provided. These offerings will be on semicondutor and flexible substrates.

Power electronics

Tyndall and Chalmers will provide their platforms for power management under this technology pillar. Tyndall will offer the multilayer, thin film magnetics embedded in printed circuit board (PCB) for Power Supply in a Package (PSiP) applications. It will also provide the silicon on Magnetics technology under this section. Chalmers provide access to a full set of tools for processing of devices for power electronics, for example based on SiC or GaN.

PMU Design

Here Tyndall will provide access to a world leading multi ambient energy source, high efficiency, zero voltage switching, low quiescent PMIC with digital interfacing capability, focusing on voltage (10s of mV) and power levels (<10uW) from ambient energies that are currently unusable. They will also offer their energy source in Package (eSiP) under this technology pillar.

Cleanroom Characterization

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Myfab Chalmers offers a range of characterization tools for fabricated devices. Scanning electr...
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Chalmers University

Automatized characterization

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Myfab Chalmers offers optical and electron microscopy tools for automatized morphological chara...
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Chalmers University

Cyclic voltammetry and EIS

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Cyclic voltammetry and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) are vital techniques used i...
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Energy harvesters analysis

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Analysis of the Energy Harvesters (EH) from theoretical, numerical and experimental standpoint....
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