Access to three technology blocks for advanced sensing based on state-of-the-art platform technologies such as electrochemical sensors, sustainable and flexible sensors for hybrid integration into conformable and/or biodegradable/recyclable/biobased substrates, and novel integrated photonic sensors


Advanced Sensing Technologies

Under this technology pillar Tyndall, NCSRD, JOR, AMO and CNRS will offer their platforms. The offering will be on development of sensors in various domains like magnetic,, optical, electronic, chemical, biological, mechanical with various materials. The offereings will be from design, simulation, fabrication to testing of the sensors.

Stretchable and flexible sensors

JOR and UNOVA will offer their sensor integration platofrom under this technology pillar. The development of the sening platform on this offering will be on semiconductor and flexible substrates.

Photonic Sensing

WUT/ CEZAMAT, AMO and NCSRD will offer their technology on sensor development under this platform. They will offer optical-based sensors technology. They will offer the development of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) operating in visible and mid-IR bands. The offering will also have measurement set up like on-chip spectroscopy using gratings, filters, ring resonators, Mach Zehnder interferometers, arrayed waveguide gratings etc. The application of this technology platforms ranage from bio-diagnostics, food safety, environmental monitoring, forensics etc.

Quantum optics spectroscopy

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Cryogenic Quantum photonics laboratory for specialized metrology, visible to infrared....
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